Saturday, 1 May 2021

Class 25 and a herring wagon

Modelling progress has been very slow over the last two months, although I am not entirely sure why.  I am still waiting on the new baseboards and I am contemplating future projects.  I am more and more inclined to head to an 0 gauge layout, although I think I am going to stick with the 00 gauge layout for the next project and maybe start building a small 0 gauge layout at the same time, as a test run.  Anyhow, I have been very slowly ticking over a few projects in the paint boxes.  The first is a class 25; this is a very long term project that has continually been on the back burner.  I originally weathered this locomotive about a decade ago and was initially delighted with the finish.  However, as my weathering skills have (hopefully) developed, I decided to paint strip this locomotive and start again.  It has been in the paintboxes for probably 5 years now - making very little headway.  The application of the new BR Blue/yellow livery was not my best and added to this, I have already got two fully sound chipped working class 25s for the layout.  So I have decided to model this class 25 in a very dilapidated state - partly to cover the less than perfect livery and partly to provide something a bit different on the layout.  The model is currently being varnished ready for transfers.

A somewhat careworn appearance is being aimed for in the class 25 repaint.

I have also got a few other wagon building projects slowly progressing.  This is a the Cambrian Herring wagon, which I am going to build a small number of, for the layout.  These are tiny wagons and a bit of a headache to build, trying to work out where all the little bits fit - but it is starting to shape up now.  I used maskol to cover an initial rust coat on the wagon, before applying most of the livery (black!) and a bit of light weathering.  It is coming together now and I should be able to remove the maskol in the next week or so, just ready for transfers and final weathering.  

Herring wagon during painting.

So some progress here and there, although all my modelling is currently lacking a bit of motivation and momentum at the moment. Fingers crossed I will get a bit more time in the coming weeks.

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