Saturday, 25 April 2020

Lockdown (BR) Blues: A Hornby Passenger C Brake Van C

This week has seen more progress with clearing out the paint boxes and finishing off some languishing projects.  Over the course of the week I have managed to do a few hours of modelling each day.  This is great, as I have started finishing off some half built kits and also moving painting projects forwards.  I am pretty determined to use this time (lockdown) to finish off a lot of projects before spending money on any new models - I have boxes of unfinished kits/rtr stock!  Anyhow, recently I took apart a Hornby Passenger C Brake Van, in the BR blue livery.  After removing the glazing I weathered the van in two parts, the body shell plus roof and the underframe.  On this van I wanted to produce a much better effort of faded and chipped body work and I feel that I have got part way there again with this one - not perfect but it is heading in the right direction.

Finished Passenger C brake van, with some faded and chipped paintwork.

So after washing the wagon and underframe I applied an all over body wash of weathered black/frame dirt.  Most of this was wiped off, before spraying various shaded of faded BR blue of the planks.  I then sealed this up with a blast of satin varnish, before dabbing on some matt white and wiping away the excess with a cotton wool bud dipped in white spirit.  A bit more faded blue was sprayed over the top of this, before weathering with frame dirt, sleeper grime and weathered black.  The underframe was weathered with light rust, matt white, weathered black, frame dirt and sleeper grime.  Both parts of the van were then treated to three coats of satin varnish.  The glazing had a light mix of satin varnish and sleeper grime sprayed over them, before being glued back in place using 'glue n glaze' and the wagon reassembled. 

Side view of the finished van.

So another wagon finished for the parcels train (my goodness it is never ending!).  I might just have to purchase the Hornby LNER extra long CCT in BR blue - it looks a cracking model and I was not very happy with the one I made.....what was I saying about not buying anymore stuff.....
Stay safe everyone and stay safely locked down!

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