Sunday, 10 January 2021

GWR Python wagon in the engineers train

A happy new year one and all!  With all the seasonal festivities over, I have managed to find some time to crack on with some modelling.  This week I put the final coats of varnish on a GWR Python wagon, in service with the engineers dept.  It really is a bit of a work of fiction, like the recently finished GWR Mink wagon.  However, a little peruse of various internet websites shows some use of GWR trucks in the engineers fleet well into the 1970s/1980s and that is close enough for me.

Finished GWR Python wagon in BR engineering olive.

The model was painted with Railmatch enamels via an airbrush, and finished with Modelmaster decals.  It carries 3 link couplings, as per all my stock.  Whilst I love the Parkside range of kits, I found this model to be a bit of a stinker to build.  Whilst many of the Parkside kits literally fall together, I found this one trick to get square.  The wheels are a bit tight, it runs ok but not brilliantly.  However, it does add some further variety into the engineers train I am currently building, with a Mk1 in dept olive ready for its final coats of varnish over the coming days.  Today I am also putting my class 45 back together and adding the DCC sound chip and speaker.  So hopefully by the end of today I will have the class 45 operational again.  I also managed to get the baseboard built for the first layout on the new station, so all in all some progress his week!  

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