Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Some Charlton detailing: a Yard lamp and office building, plus station signs.....

So a little bit more progress has been made on the layout over the weekend, with the addition of a couple of working lights.  I am getting close to finishing off the scenic side of the layout and wanted a couple of working lights on each of the main boards.  This does present a little bit of a problem, as the boards need to be separated when dismantling the layout and I do not want further wires to have to be placed across the boards when I set the layout up each time.

The new lights in the fertiliser office and outside the provender store.

So I decided to place a small battery pack under each of the main boards, from which several lights can be run.  Given that the lights are only using small leds, the batteries should last for a very long time.  I glued the first battery pack to the underside of the board and wired it up to some lights.  The first is a small yard lamp and the second is part of an Express Models lighting strip, placed into the interior of a the small office next to the provender store.  Both these lighting units work happily off the 6v supplied by the batteries.  

The new office block with the lights switched on- this definitely requires an interior.

The office block is a ready to plonk Bachmann building, which I think works nicely in the small space provided.  Originally I was scratchbuilding a warehouse, but to be frank this had got nowhere over several months.  The office block will be used by the fertiliser distribution company, with fertiliser being unloaded at the provender store or on the adjacent area of cobbles.  

The office block is set into the cobbles and requires a little bit of work to blend it in properly.

Some other small detailing work was also carried out over the weekend.  The station has had some signs added, although I am not sure if I am happy with them.  The signs were purchased on line, allowing the individual station name to be presented, but they have a very glossy finish.  They have been mounted on some concrete station boards and placed on the station, in some pre-drilled holes, although not glued down for the time being.  I am going to wait a while to see if they start to bug me or not before gluing them down.

View across the station, with a new track side fence added and station signs evident.  The first tress have been added behind the station.

One of the new station signs, although I am not sure if I like the glossy finish....

The tunnel at the end of the layout has also had some static grass added.  The covering is currently a bit uneven, due to the corner of the layout being difficult to work in, especially with the static grass sieve.  Some detailing and tidying up needs to happen at this end of the layout, with the addition of some bushes and some hedges.  Lastly, the concrete fence has been finished, joining up to the tunnel, running along the backscene.  Some clutter has been added to the layout here, imagining some of the dismantling that took place as part of the Beaching cuts, although the station itself survives.

The Barnstaple end of the layout, with the tunnel starting to come together and and some clutter added to the permanant way.

So more scenery work to go, but also some more steps towards completion.  I need to add a car park this weekend, next to the office block, and add some bushes to the tunnel. There are also some trees to add along the backscene behind the station, to fill out the scene a little.  However, all in all, it is heading in the right direction I think!

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