Sunday, 9 September 2018

Charlton Provender store and signal box - some layout detailing

This weekend I had the rare commodity of some time to spend modelling!  The area of cobbles that has the provender store set into it, had been held up by the painting of a fence.  This fence was completed and glued down, acting as a barrier between part of the cobbled area and the rails.  The provender store was glued in place and the ballast was finished around the now derelict signal box.

The provender store now glued into place with some grass being added.  There is some more to do here, including thinning out of the grass (weeds!).

I have then spent the rest of the weekend glueing down bits of scatter grass and bushes - a combination of small bushes made from rubberised horsehair and also some commercial ones.  I also used dollops of PVA glue to glue in static grass around the base of buildings, and have started adding a little grass to the station.  The aim is to create a layout in the 1970s that has survived the axe, just, but is now a shadow of its former glory.  Hence there should be weeds growing everywhere! There is some hovering up and thinning out of the static grass that needs to take place, but it is starting to all shape up.  I am very pleased with how this area of the layout looks.

The after view, with some clumps of foliage added around the based of the buildings.

The before view with the provender store glued down.

So next steps are to sort the station out with custom nameboards and some station furniture to bring this to life a little and finish off the car park behind the station.  Hopefully I can get into those bits next weekend.

Some flowering weeds have been added to the siding.

The scribing of the cobbles was well worth the effort in this view.

Close up of the weeds at the base of the provender store.

View of the dereliction at the end of the station.  Note the weeds have taken hold even in the guttering of the signal box!


  1. Not often I'm fooled but on seeing that first photo thought it was the prototype! Well done.

  2. Hi David - that is very kind - thank you. I feel it is starting to come together - although more detailing to go!