Thursday, 5 April 2018

Charlton Micro Layout - a bit of scenery

A little bit of progress has been made on the Charlton micro layout.  The first board has had some basic scenery work done.  The car park has been added next to the station, although this needs some painting to blend it in.  I also need to build a stone wall to run along the edge of the back scene here - a job for this evening.  The houses at the end of the layout have been glued in place and their lawns have been added, alongside a little vegetation.  The front of the layout has had some flock added, before it will be covered with some static grass.  So some basic progress and it is starting to come to life.  I have next week off work - so I hope to really be able to crack on a bit more next week and get the bulk of this scenic work finished.

The tree will not be remaining on the platform!

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