Thursday, 8 February 2018

Lamprey wagon - repaint

Recently I finished another wagon for the layout - this time it was a repaint of a very old lamprey wagon, that I built about 12 years ago.  At that time I did not have an air brush and I was not happy with the result through painting by hand.  So I placed the lamprey wagon, a class 25 body shell and a walrus wagon into a bath of superstrip to remove the paint.  The class 25 and lamprey wagon faired pretty well.  They have cleaned up ok and the class 25 is about to get a coat of primer.  However, the walrus wagon pretty much disintegrated into the superstrip - the plastic became very fragile, and when I was cleaning it up I broke so many parts of it that I ended up binning it.  
 The finished lamprey wagon sat on a very empty layout!

Once the lamprey was out of the superstrip I cleaned it up a little with some fine sand paper, before priming (Precision Paints) and then airbrushing various shades of rust and olive green onto the body, with various weathering on the underframe.  Transfers are the excellent Cambridge Custom Transfers pack and it is fitted with a 3 link coupling as standard.  When I built this wagon originally I cheated slightly with the bending of the hand rails at each end, creating a simpler shape, and with hindsight I now wish I had thought to replace them before painting.  However, I forgot, so I am going to live with this for the time being.  So another wagon finished and ready to run on the lay out...speaking of which a further update on this soon....

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