Monday, 1 January 2018

SPV Parcel Van and the 22t tube wagon

A happy new year to everyone.

I had big plans for modelling over xmas, but of course, I did not achieve half of what I wanted to.  I did have a lovely xmas break though!  Anyhow, one further item of rolling stock has been finished, another SPV parcels wagon.  This is 2 of three that I have to finish.  I used the Railtec transfers on this and they went on perfectly!  Another one of the ever growing fleet of parcels stock for use on my layouts.  One more to go!

Another finished parcels wagon!  Just how much mail does North Devon need!

In much better natural sunlight I also managed to take a photograph of the 22t tube wagon I finished a little while back.  The wagon has replacement planks painted on and these are visible in the better light.

A better photo of the 22t tube wagon.

Tasks for today are to build the station for the Charlton micro layout and paint the backscene - more updates to follow on this.  The micro layout is slowly coming to life....

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