Thursday, 12 October 2017

A good rear end! A 20t brake van

Over the last couple of weeks I have been weathering a Hornby Brake Van.  Having finished this project off today I thought I would post a few images of the process of creating this wagon.  Now whilst I do not consider my modelling to be anywhere near perfect, I though it would be interesting to take photographs of the project over different stages of the process and see how they contribute to the final model.  A spanner was thrown into the works when I thought I had finished the wagon I gave it a blast of humbrol matt varnish and it immediately produced a very white finish over the paint work.  This required further coats of varnish and various weathering shades to tone it down, and hence the finish was slightly heavier than I was intending.  All of the painting was undertaken with an air brush and using railmatch enamel shades.  One slight regret is I did not fit a working tail lamp, but taking the wagon apart to fit the the 3 link couplings was such a headache with the hand rails that I cannot be bothered to open it up again.  I have a Bachmann version to do, and I intend to fit a tail lamp on this next one.  All in all I am pretty happy with this wagon and looking forward to it earning its keep on Charlton when this becomes operational.  

First up I added some splatters of white paint, to represent chipped paintwork.

I dipped a cotton bud in some white spirit and toned down the effect of the white paint, removing some of it.

A diluted wash of weathered black and frame dirt was hand brushed over the wagon.

Various shades of sleeper grime, frame dirt and weathered black were spayed over the brake van.

Some light rust was added to some of the metal components of the wagon, including the duckets.

The wagon was then treated to some further shades of frame dirt and sleeper grime to blend all the various components together.

Finished with several sealing coats of railmatch matt varnish.

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