Monday, 6 March 2017

13t open wagon and layout electrofrog points

Not a lot has happened in the last few weeks - the layout has been static and I have been busy.  Unfortunately, we are having to move house again (don't ask!!) - which is not a bad thing overall but it means the layout has to head back into storage for a period of time.  This is frustrating, as much of the boring work has been completed, with the track painted and wired up. Since painting the track the layout has been live again, but there are a few gremlins in the wiring to sort out.  Two of the elctrofrogs need to have their bridging contacts resoldered, which whilst not the end of the world is a pain, as the track is now pinned down.  One of the Seep point motors has given up (faulting passing switch), but this just involves an underboard switch.  Lastly, one section of rail needs some new dropper wires soldered.  These are of course all minor points and easily resolved, I just need a free evening with the soldering iron, but it does also mean 3 of the four points are no longer operational.

I have also finished another wagon, this time a 13t goods open wagon, the steel bodied Parkside kit. This has been finished in a generic bauxite colour with some light weathering and I am pretty happy with how this one turned out.   So a few pictures of this on the layout, in a engineers train with a warus, whale and shark wagon, behind a class 25.  

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